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Planning a relaxed game night, a party, a get together, or team building event? We've got you covered! We provide you with organized and fun board games to enjoy in the comfort of your home or wherever you want. We offer same day deliveries for rental reservations, as well as pick-up service for returns if you are within our delivery zone*. Reserve by 12pm and receive your board games by 4pm. Last minute call? No problem! Reserve by 6pm and receive your board games by 9pm using our Late Delivery Service*.



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3. Return everything in the original delivery bag and confirm the end of your reservation by 12pm
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Please note that if you live outside of Toronto, you can use our mobile app as a reference. If you would like to make a purchase, you can contact us and we can provide delivery options.

*Delivery/return services, same day deliveries and late delivery services are only offered in select areas. Please refer to our Q&A to see if you are within our delivery zone. If not, you can pick up and return board games at our downtown location at 423 Queen Street West, Suite 212.


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